Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Museum of Bibical Arts,Dallas,

Dear Susan,
Yes, your art sold. Thank you again for participating in our 8x8 event! We would love it if you are willing to participate again in the 8x8 this year?
Adrienne Glaze
Development Assistant
Museum of Biblical Art
7500 Park Lane
Dallas, TX

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Temple Cultural Center Show,Saulsbury Gallery2017

Another favorite was the piece She Felt Daughterless. This emotionally charged canvas was so beautiful. It brought about so many emotions. To begin with, the word daughterless just makes me sad. To me, this painting was focusing on human relationships. From my point of view, there were adults with their kids on their backs or next to them. They seem like they were traveling. And you can see some adults were lonely.(A student's response)

Monday, October 9, 2017


Cica museum in Korea-purchase this book with my art in it,artist statement #2

Artist Statement #2 Kindle Edition

Cari Freno
Jill Gewirtz
Ronald Gonzalez
Hyun Hong
Susan Harmon
Patti Jordan
Heesoo Kwon
Miyung Kim
Nicole Lenzi
Hey Sun Lee
Shanna Merola
Eric Millikin
Vittorio Ottaviani
Charlotte Ryan
You Me Oh
Megan Solis
Ajuan Song
Tam Ying-Ying
Wladimir Vaz
Charlie Wayne
Jing Xu
April Bohm Yang